Recap of the Beatty Football teams season


This is a recap on Beatty’s Football Team this season. The Beatty Team has had a good run but was unsuccessful to win a game. They did play good teams all around this season, so it was challenging for them to win. The team was able to learn from each other and improve their skills in football. Here are some of the positives and negatives that happened to the Beatty Football Team.

Some positives accomplishments that the team has accomplished was they won the game against Beachwood. This would be an accomplishment because it was their first win for their season and the team overall did great to beat them. They were able to score multiple touchdowns and secure their win. Another accomplishment of the football team is that they have grown overall in many different aspects. The team has grown in skill overall and chemistry. Even though they only got 1 win for their season, I believe that doesn’t matter at all when it comes to sportsmanship. The team may not be the greatest at football, but they all have good sportsmanship and good work ethics. Speaking of work ethic, Beatty’s Football team has a great work ethic. This would be a great accomplishment for them. In the beginning, people had doubts for the team and didn’t believe they would go far, but with time they improved this season. Overall, they have way more accomplishments than struggles this season.

This would be the part even I don’t want to write about but here are some of the struggles the team had overall. Firstly, the team only won 1 game which isn’t bad but isn’t good as well. Overall performance and running plays may have taken effect to why they lost. The team also could have not been ready mentally to play which could be a reason they lost. Losing games will help them learn from their mistakes, and failure leads to success so it’s ok that the team lost. They have learned from their mistakes and worked toward improving what they needed to improve. This is the only struggle I believe the team had.

To recap, this season was challenging for Beatty. They faced good teams and had to overcome many obstacles. As a team they have achieved winning a game this season. With a good work ethic next year, the team will be better than they were this year. I have high hopes for the future of Beatty’s Football team.



This picture resembles good sportsmanship and an award to the team for their efforts this season.