RECAP of the Fall Festival


Did you attend the Fall Festival? If not, this is a look back on Beatty Middle School’s annual Fall Festival on Friday November 5th. The Fall Festival was hosted by Beatty’s Leadership and ASB. This Fall Festival was made to bring people together to have a grand event and have fun. The tickets for the fall festival were sold at H3 (Leadership) for $3.

The fall festival food had a package where the people could buy a $4 Food package that included some pizza, a snack, and a cookie. Most people found this package very useful. Instead of having to buy food at the festival, why not buy them before hand? It’s a great purchase. People enjoyed it!

The Fall Festival had all fun things to do! Like have games such as Corn Hole, Jenga, Connect 4, and Spike ball. Even had sack races and Arts and Crafts. We had mixed quotes and reviews from students and teachers about the overall festival.

One activity that popped out was the music. Many people enjoyed the fun vibes from the music, and requested songs! We heard people say “I love this taste in music”and “Oh my gosh I love this song!” But we also had some mixed quotes like, “Ew, why would they play this?” or “Who would even request this song?” From this feedback, we think that we could improve this taste in music. How do you think we can improve this? Give us recommendations.

At the festival, towards the end of the night, we heard songs that EVERYONE could dance too. Everyone gathered around and all started pin the groovy feel. It seemed that so that the night was being wrapped up into a fun little dance off. Everyone really felt like the dances were a very fun part of the night.

Some of the other conventions there, such as the petting zoo. There were animals such as a cow, a goat and a bunny. Everyone was having a fun time experiencing the soft touch and elegance of the animals, and admiring the beauty of an animal up so close. Everyone was so wowed by them. We heard peoples foots steps start running towards the petting zoo and yell for the animals. We heard such things like “Oh my gosh! Look at the goat!” and “Look Oh my gosh there’s a cow here!” We were glad to hear that everyone was very excited to see the petting zoo animals and have a great visit.

The food at the Festival had a wide selection of food. Pizza, many snacks, desserts, and more. Most people used the food package and were able to get their food without having to pay with a hassle. Some review we heard were “ Why is the pizza slice so small?” or “This isn’t enough to eat!” We heard a couple complaints about the pizza and the size in which people got. But the rest of the meals and desserts had no complaints, all great reviews!

Overall, the Fall Festival was a great success. Remember we learn as we go. We don’t always have everything perfect for the first time. Let us know what else we can improve about the the next big event.