About Our Greatest Principal: Mr. Bagger


Allison Kim

After school, Mr. Bagger works hard to communicate with and protect students.

Allison Kim

As students in Beatty Middle School started the second quarter successfully, it might be a good time to dig in deeply about staff members of the school including Mr. Bagger, our proudest principal. He and the other staff members always use their best potential to improve the school and fulfill students by providing opportunities to enjoy their school life. Even though Mr. Bagger volunteers himself to make our school better, the students do not know much about him. Now is probably the best time to find out about him.


Mr. Bagger was born and raised in Buena Park and Fullerton. His first school was Happy Time Preschool-now called Sunny Hills Preschool. Over time, he graduated from Sunny Hills High School and California State University of Fullerton. Then, he became a teacher in La Habra, Fullerton, and an administrator. Finally, after all these schools, he works here, at Beatty Middle School, as a principal. Now, he has a beautiful family with his wife, daughter, and son.


When he got a job in college as a P.E instructional aid, he decided to become a teacher. He enjoyed being able to make a difference in clubs and sports and thought it was very meaningful even though it didn’t benefit him with a lot of profit.

Also, he shared his ambitious goal in response to the question: What is your vision as a principal? “My goal is to build the best school on the planet. It was always my goal. When I play baseball, I want to hit a home run. I don’t want the basics. I want it to be the biggest splash we can make. I want us to be the best school we can be.” 


Even though he is a reliable and decent person, he struggled like others too. The challenge he faced was commitments in a lot of time. He wants to spend time with his family like coaching his kid’s sports and having a Friday night event together. But he is not able to do that. He wishes he can balance his personal life and work.

But he doesn’t give up and goes through challenges. He goes through challenges by keeping the end goal in mind. Even when he faces difficulties, he imagines and visions the path he’s going and that makes the journey worth it. So even if he cannot reach the goal, he still went a step further.


Outside of school, Mr. Bagger is a husband to a woman and a dad of kids like others. His amazing wife is a teacher just like him and works as a fourth-grade teacher at Guerrero Elementary School. His precious daughter is a junior in high school and loves sports. But recently, she had a big knee injury and she is recovering from it. His funny son is an eighth-grader and loves playing video games instead of sports. He is interested in editing videos so he started learning it and even has a YouTube channel. Mr. Bagger also has a dog, Pit Bull, who is not dangerous at all and the most loveable animal.

In most of his free time, he spends time with his family as I said earlier. But another hobby he has is working on a classic Volkswagen. He has a Volkswagen Beetle, a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, and a Volkswagen Bus. He fell into the joy of working on old cars because he likes to make things run again and see how it can become better.

This is a picture of Mr. Bagger when he was younger.

You might think he was a calm and quiet child, however, he was very talkative and energetic. He often got into trouble until he grew up and matured from learning life lessons from when he was a student. He was a funny kid who loved to make people laugh.

Also, he gave a nice answer back to me in response to a question: Where do you imagine yourself to be after ten years? He thought he probably will be retired and help a new principal to make the school great too.


Mr. Bagger is an amazing person, principal, dad, and a husband. He performs his job perfectly as a principal and does his best to have a fun time with his family. Even though he has lots of responsibilities on his shoulders, he never gives up and always tries to develop this new school to be great. He deserves respect and thankfulness from students at Beatty Middle School.

If you learn anything from this article about him, it might be a perfect time to go talk to him during break or lunch. Go share your amazing memories about the school and thank him for his great effort and work!

Message from Mr. Bagger sharing to all students in Beatty Middle School:

You are part of something incredible and being at a brand new school. You are getting opportunities to set the pace for future generations of students. Everything happens here, you can say you were the first. So, make it a good one. Like our theme of the year, the future hasn’t been written yet. Make it a good one.