Mrs. Reddingius’ Life


Our school has great staff members who work hard to make our school better. One of them is Mrs.Reddingius. She is a great counselor who’s always there for us. So how about we get to know her better. Mrs. Reddingius has been counseling for 16 years. She first started out in Buena Park in 2007 and now she’s here. Mrs. Reddingius first got into counseling when she was in college. During an interview she said “ I always knew I wanted to work with kids whether it was counseling or helping in some way.”When she was in college she decided to do psychology for her major. After that she went to go get her masters in social work and said that’s what led her to school counseling. 

The Past 

School counseling wasn’t her first job choice. When she was younger she wanted to be a marine biologist and save the sea lions from oil spills. During an interview she said “ I was scuba diving when I was 18 and I’m like ohh this is really fun”. When she went to college though she found a different path which was psychology and that led her to counseling.

How to become a counselor 

During an interview Mrs. Reddingius said to become a school counselor you have to get your Bachelors degree and then your Masters. A bachelor’s is four years and a masters is an additional 2 years. You also need to get a credential which is a PPS credential. PPS stands for people personnel services. Once you do all this you can become a School Counselor. To become a school counselor Mrs. Reddingius first went to UC Santa Barbara for her bachelors and then to Cal State Long Beach for her masters. In an interview Mrs. Reddingius said“ when you go in your masters they actually have internships that you need to go on so you actually go into the field and practice what you’re learning. I think it’s a great opportunity to feel a little bit better equipped when it’s time to get the job”. 

Before becoming a counselor

Mrs. Reddingius first got into counseling when she was 21 or 22. She had gotten her degree in psychology and said it felt like the next logical thing to do. Before she became a counselor she was working in an organization that provided in-home caseworkers to new parents that might be in need of additional support. Mrs. Reddingius said she supervised those case workers as well as held meetings to help children that were in the foster care system to try to help reunify them with their family. She said it was a two-part job she was doing. 

Getting the job

When Mrs. Reddingius graduated she said there weren’t many jobs available for her. She said “ i applied and i applied and i never got anything”. Then three years after she got her degree she was finally able to apply again and she got a job as school counselor . 

Her goals and accomplishments 

Mrs. Reddingius has a husband, son, and daughter. Her daughter is in 7th grade and is 12years old. Her son is in 3rd grade and is 8 years old. She also has a dog and is a soccer mom. Her daughter is on a soccer team. A goal Mrs. Reddingius has for the Wellness center is to be able to teach all students to have the ability to self manage their emotions and how to cope with varying their emotions. During an interview Mrs. Reddingius said “ right now it’s a very challenging age to say the least with just looking for independence and trying to find their way”. For the Wellness Center she would like it to be a safe place for students to be able to come and just relax and find tools around the room to help them just be able to get through the day and regain focus on what’s important for them. Thank you for joining me on learning more about our counselor. I hope you liked the article.