Be Ashamed of Body Shaming

Naraly De Avila

Body shaming is a cruel thing that people do to make fun of someone because of their appearance. Most people when they think of body shaming they think of people who get made fun of for being plus sized. Although it does happen to people that are plus sized it can also happen to people who are thin.

Body shaming can also be things like your height or just your body and featured appearances. Which is the same thing because they all hurt. Body shaming can happen to people in all genders. Making fun of someone because of their appearances isn’t something to joke about whatsoever. To you it may be but to the person that your saying it to it’s just something more to worry about. People all over the world stress about their weight, and looks so why do you feel the need to make things worse?

Body shaming even though it’s not mentioned as much also includes shaming people for their face appearances and other things like height. Mostly anything that has to do with your body and your looks. Every comment about these different things hurts just as much as shaming people because of their actual body shape. Making comments on height or face appearance doesn’t make body shaming better. At the end of the day it still hurts people even if it doesn’t you shouldn’t be saying things in the first place.

People who get body shamed tend to try to find a way to fix themselves. They can feel so worthless due to a comment that someone made because they just felt the need to. People get insecure about their body due to these comments. People can completely fall apart just because of these harsh remarks. They do all of this while you continue to think that body shaming is a joke.

Body shaming is bullying which could lead to self harm and much worse. Why is it that people tear themselves apart because of their bodies everyday and you just make it worse? Body shaming may and could lead to depression. Which is not healthy for someone at all. People can stop eating or eat more than their used to which could lead to several illnesses. Some people do this because of these remarks. So why make their mental health worse?

Body shaming can be something as simple as “You’re going to eat all that?” to comments like “Do you even eat?” Also remarks like “How’s the weather up their?” or other mean remarks on how you look. These comments are not okay, you should be able to live in your body without being made fun of. You don’t have to be worried of looking like you don’t eat or looking like need to get skinnier. Also like having to worry about things that are out of your control. All because you don’t fit into the eyes of society today.

Body shaming can come from anyone wether it’s from a friend or family. Which may be worse because it’s people that should make you feel good about yourself. Which is why you have to acknowledge the fact that you are perfect the way you are, and that no matter what people say or who says it, you matter. You should love yourself because that’s all that matters, not what other people have to say. Don’t over think how you look based on your size.

When interviewed and asked about opinions on body shaming 12 year old 7th grader stated, “Body shaming is a very sensitive topic, people that body shame must be so insensitive and shallow minded.” They also stated that “body shaming is definitely talked about but needs to be talked about even more.” When a different 7th grader was asked she said “ I think that it’s such a negative thing because if you get those types of comments on your body image then it can really stick to you for very long time, and can become a thing that bothers you in your daily life which can cause body dysmorphia.” She also stated “even if it doesn’t affect the person you shouldn’t be doing it.”

When another 7th grader was asked they said “ I think body shaming is pointless and don’t know why it’s even a thing because your basically just giving a person a big insecurity to think about every time they look in the mirror or whenever they go out.” This 7th grader also continued to state that “ it can also make someone think about the way they eat and sometimes thinking about what you eat can lead to something like an eating disorder which is horrible for your health.”

Now people should not only understand how mean it is to body shame but how it can change someone. If you are every body shamed just try your best to ignore it. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you its what you think of yourself that shouldBody shaming is a present and everyday problem. Don’t try to put others down based on how they look. Some of these things are out of there control. Instead of making them feel insecure try to make them understand that they are a beautiful and awesome human being. No matter what they look like.