Christmas Decorating-Is it too Early?


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Woman Decorating a Christmas Tree

Mia Vargas-Garcia, Contributor


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Halloween is over and its time to put the decorations away- or is it?

Many people all around the world are already in the Christmas spirit. While some people are already bringing out their merry decorations, others are barely putting their spooky ones away. Some say it’s too soon, and some say it’s just the right time. But when really is the right time?

“I think the day after Thanksgiving is a good time to decorate for Christmas because you would have to prepare for Thanksgiving before Christmas.” said one student.

According to the Shutterfly Community, the best time to decorate for Christmas is the weekend after Thanksgiving. “Since Thanksgiving dinner and family get-togethers are bound to keep your household busy, you can decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.” Meanwhile, the TinyPrints Community says that most people don’t start decorating until December 1st because “they are specific to the month.”

I normally start decorating for Christmas a few days after Thanksgiving, like around three days after.” Said the same student.

It’s not just people either, it’s also major businesses and places that have already brought out the wreaths and the candy canes. I can bet that if you go to a store at this time of the month, you can probably spot some sort of Christmas decor. Even popular attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm have already gone all out with the Christmas decorations.

Overall, the time that you decorate for the holidays is completely up to you.

But why does this occur? How come there’s debates all around the world about decorating for Christmas early, but no debates about decorating early for holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day?

After asking why Christmas is the most popular holiday, one student replied, “I think Christmas is more popular than other holidays because you can get gifts for people and the tale of Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus is more known.”

As stated by Will Chamblee via The Baylor Lariat, “Christmas has a unique cultural impact like no other holiday. It is surrounded by movies, music and food, something that no other holiday can boast.” Though other holidays are celebrated throughout the world in similar ways, not a single one could possibly beat the popularity of this merry holiday!