Poets of Beatty Middle School

Poetry can be a way to express yourself or just have fun.


Poetry can be a way to express yourself or just have fun.

Mrs. Young hosted a creative writing tutorial where students created poems based on 10 random words. The results were nothing but astonishing. Students really took their poems in a variety of directions, from playful to deep, all the while expressing facets of the human experience.

Reading in my bed. Mind racing making me tired.

My family calling my name from downstairs. Wishing I

was in London sky. Feeling stuck.

                                                     -Sarah G. Barron, 8th grader


We cry, we smile

trust our friends

sleep away from reality

we are Just the sketch

                                                  – Luke Chang, 7th grader


In the autumn, they travel

And there, things will unravel,

Especially in Paris,

with an analysis,

The banner with peppermint bark,

and with so much good arcs!

While there they have steak

and for dinner, Creme Brulee

                                                – Ethan Ramirez, 7th grader

Rain outside

Bobby on the couch

with pillows on the ground

in and out and ice cream on the ground

with the fan facing him.

                                              – Diego Elizarraraz, 7th grader


I screamed.

Guitars surrounded in bananas

A musical flood of potassium arriving soon

In my home town of Constantinople

A sentient hexagon gingerly holds my shoulders

As it happily plays the flute.

                                             -Jenahlie Dones, 7th grader