The Block Schedule – Helpful or Unhelpful?


Ann Nekr from Pexels

Agendas can help you stay organized

Siha Park

This school year, one new concept to the students was the block schedule. Even though we had used the block schedule the year before, because we were on Zoom and had only one elective, none of the students were prepared. At the beginning of the year, it was a mess. Students were attending classes for the wrong day and went to their classes late. Teachers were getting called anything but their names. Although this new schedule was confusing, it seemed like none of the students complained much about it after a few weeks—why?

26 students around the campus were surveyed about the block schedule. If they had to rate the block schedule on a scale of one to ten, six students rated it an eight out of ten. Five students rated the schedule as a nine or ten out of ten. Only two students said the schedule was worse than a three. When asked if the tutorials on Tuesdays and Wednesday were helpful, twenty-two students said that it was indeed helpful.

The students were asked why or why not they like their block schedule, 17 students said they like the block schedule, mostly saying because it gives them more time and lets them adjust to their classes more comfortably. The other 8 students who disagreed said that they don’t like waiting so long for one class.

The next question asked was, “If the students were given a chance to change one thing about their schedule, what would they change?” Three students answered that they wanted all eight periods every day instead of four classes each day. Seven students stated that they wanted to change the time of our lunch, the time we leave, and the amount of time of our classrooms. Four students wanted their schedule changed, and four other students wanted no schedule change. The block schedule is a new concept to students around the campus. The overwhelming schedule has many negative and positive aspects to it. Would you say it is more negative or positive?