Why We Should Not Have Block Schedule


Isabella Alcala and Sarah G. Barron

For most students the block schedule can be confusing, because of keeping up with classes they have after a break or the long class periods and how they are difficult to sit through. We think we should have each class every day. A non-block schedule. 

Long class periods

On a normal Monday/Friday each class is 1 hour and 27 minutes long. According to brainbalancecenters.com, did you know that usually students ages 12-14 are mostly engaged for 24-42 minutes of class. By the middle of class, students are bored and most likely to not pay attention. Due to students being bored, they are more tempted to take out their phone. Students may not be bored by the subject being taught at hand, but due to how long the period is. If we had a regular school schedule each class would be 44 minutes long.  Students wouldn’t be as bored if the class periods were shorter.

Although some teachers do like the longer periods. A teacher says “I get longer time with students… I’ve taught at  a school where they have 45 minutes periods and its so fast.” “… kids are constantly coming in and out of the class…I don’t have time to get into flow.”

Alternating schedules

Each week there are a certain amount of A days and B days, but it changes depending what the week starts off with. It can be very confusing to students to keep up with the schedule and homework.

A students says “I think block schedule are confusing, I will sometimes forget how to do an assignment for English when I have math the next day. It is nice to have more electives, but that will intersect with what I’m trying to learn in my core-class.” Not only students but also some school staff as well. It has been said that some staff agree.


In a non-block schedule junior high/middle school there are 6 to 7 classes each day. We consider that a normal schedule for middle school experience. We think that would get us ready for high school. Although some high schools do have a block schedule, most high schools do not. We think that it would prepare for the rush of high school, bustling around getting from class to class. And find a way to organize the rush of high school schedules.

Although some people may disagree, we think we should have a non-block schedule.