The Effect of Lockdown Drills

Johann Medina, Contributor

School drills are mostly overlooked, mostly forgotten over the school year. However these drills are more important and complicated than you think, more than just lights off and hiding.

While for me active shooter drills experiences are mostly forgotten, for others it could have long term effect, both good and bad.

Lockdown drills are necessary for students to practice being safe in the event of an actual threat, and some sources say this is an effective way and it can save lives.

Practicing lockdown drills can help teach students what to do in a real scenario like this. The point of the drills are to be repeated so it becomes “muscle memory” in students and staff.

The primary thing to do in lockdowns are to close and lock all doors and windows and stay away from them, though this could cause a panic, and that’s going to be a problem.

Anybody participating should be informed that they’re going to experience a drill, to prevent anybody being frightened, and they should be always advised to stay calm.

Lockdown drills aren’t always so perfect and orderly. There’s always the chills when a staff member checks to see if the door is locked, even if you already know it’s a drill. These active shooter drills may cause and increase stress and anxiety in some students.

Compared to fire drills, lockdown drills may seem to be taken a bit too far if there is going to be fake gunfire. In my own words, overly-realistic drills that give students negative side-effects should be toned down a lot, other people say something similar to this or that this system should be altered a bit.

While the bad sides of these drills are scary indeed, if we play it carefully and correctly, the positive effects it has will outshine the bad, and they can and really will save lives like intended.