How Covid-19 Pandemic has Affected Students


Anna Shvets

Represents how the world was in the pandemic.

Samuel Otuc , Contributor

Last year was a tough year during online classes. The cause of a tough year is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the pandemic still exists and many students here at Beatty Middle School, and around the world have been affected by the pandemic. Last year was a hard year and even though right now, we are back in school and our lives are returning to the life’s we lived before, the pandemic is still affecting students.

The pandemic is still going and is still affecting students, here, and around the world. I’m a person who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made me lazy because I didn’t have to wake up as early to go to school and I was just sitting in a chair facing an iPad or computer screen. I went to my parents and got help so I could get out of the hole of laziness that I was stuck in.

And anonymous student stated “Made me more antisocial and more lazy. This started when the pandemic started. I went to work with my dad so I can be more useful and become less antisocial and less lazy. I feel good because I’m back at school.”

This and the last school year, students have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not always physically, but mentally they’ve been affected by the pandemic. Many students around the world also have been affected by the pandemic. states that “Nearly three in 10 (29%) say their child is “already experiencing harm” to their emotional or mental health because of social distancing and closures. Another 14% indicate their children are approaching their limits, saying they could continue social distancing a few more weeks until their mental health suffers.” Anonymous student said “Made me lazy. It started when online school started. I asked for help. Right now I’m feeling ok.” also stated “The shuttering of the American education system severed students from more than just classrooms, friends and extracurricular activities. It has also cut off an estimated 55 million children and teenagers from school staff members whose open doors and compassionate advice helped them build self-esteem, navigate the pressures of adolescence and cope with trauma….mental health experts worry about the psychological toll on a younger generation that was already experiencing soaring rates of depression, anxiety and suicide before the pandemic.”

Alex Thompson said “It impacted my health, physically and mentally. I kept on going on my phone when online school started so I kept on getting bad grades. This started when the pandemic started because I wasn’t able to workout my body. I focused and got advice from my parents. Right now I feel agitated and annoyed at the COVID-19 pandemic but now we’re getting back to our original daily lives.” Many students were already dealing with the pressures of adolescence and the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown much more pressure on the backs of adolescents. Right now, we are still trying to recover from the pandemic that is still going on.

Anonymous student said “It made me lazy. It started when the pandemic started. I would always worked out and that helped me control my stress. I’m feeling good right now and I’m having fun.” Everyone of us is a survivor. We have survived a very dangerous pandemic when it was at its greatest. And we are still surviving the pandemic even though it is not as powerful but we are still surviving the pandemic and we are slowly going back to our original daily lives.