Chess Club Success!


Mrs. Harris

Beatty Bash Section Winners

Abigail Jung , Contributor

Beatty’s own chess club has been meeting almost every Wednesdays for a week. 60 students have participated in a competition and the section winners were: Jayden Dang, Lawrence Cha, Theodore Williams, Jay Koo, Paul Kim, Skyler Chang, Bradley Huon, Gabriel Hurd McKone, and Jacob Thompson. Congratulations to all participants.

The new Club Ladder Tournament is just beginning. Please contact Mrs. Harris in room C-2, if you are interested in joining the Beatty Chess Club. Mr, Joe Hanley, U.S.A. Chess Master volunteers as Tatics Coach on Wednesday.

Thank you Mrs. Harris for giving this awesome news to the Beatty journalism team!

Beatty Chess Club members practicing their moves. (Mrs. Harris)