What’s next for our Locker rooms?


Naraly De Avila

This is a sneak peek of what is behind the fence surrounding the area of the locker rooms.

Naraly De Avila

Some students seem to be confused about what is happening on campus but as previously mentioned, locker rooms are being added to Beatty Middle School’s campus. This will in fact be a new addition to this school since the campus was an elementary school before and wasn’t furnished with locker rooms. The process of the locker rooms started in November 2021. Construction workers were seen on campus tearing down the buildings for the locker rooms. After they completed taking down the buildings they fenced up the area for our safety, as a precaution for anything that might be dangerous.

As of now, the fences are still going from Mrs. Harris’s class to a small part of the school’s field. When Mr. Bagger was interviewed, he stated that the next process of building the locker rooms will start with moving all the equipment like tractors and other things that will be needed. Mr. Bagger also said that during our winter break they will tear down some things, so they will probably end up with a big pile of dirt. They will then proceed by making a wall in the back. After they make a wall in the back they will flatten the dirt. Around Valentine’s Day they will pour the concrete on the ground. These steps are the main factors to start the building process.

We won’t see an actual structure until March. With that being, said locker rooms are scheduled to finish in the middle of June. Unfortunately that means that the 8th grader will not get to experience our locker rooms. This is not exact because construction dates can change. But as of now, this is what is scheduled to happen. Due to this construction that is happening on campus, Mr. Bagger and Mrs. Clark ask that students stay away from the area and stay cautious of the area because of this harmful process. Although it may be tempting to try to look behind the fence, you now have a sneak peek of what’s behind it.