Miss Dawn- In and Out of the Office


Miss Dawn

Siha Park, Contributor

When you go to an office, hotel, or other buildings, there is most likely a front desk. We have Mrs. Dawn working at the front office of our school. She is very nice, cheerful, and passionate.

Mrs. Dawn had graduated high school, but unfortunately had not gone to college. Before she started working at schools, she was a housewife. She also worked in restaurants. She liked working with people and doing customer service.

Her birthday is July 11th. She prefers to play sports rather than watch them, but she would root for the Lakers or Angels if she had to. Going to the beach and watching the sunset there with her husband is one activity she enjoys doing.

She is married and has two daughters and one son. They are 36, 33, and 20 years old. They also have a cat. Another way she spends her time is with her family. They play games and eat together.

At the front desk, she takes attendance and makes phone calls to absent students to learn the reason they are not attending that day. She also receives phone calls for students who are absent and for questions they have. A lot of work is done on a daily basis. Because unexpected situations could happen, her actions depend on what the moment asks for at that moment.

The job she decided to choose was at a school because she loves working with children. Lovely children motivate her to keep working here. She says she is very satisfied with her job at the current moment. One goal she has is to make sure she does a good job at the tasks her job requires. She also wants to make sure students are at school on time and learning. Challenging students are made sure to achieve coming to school on time with motivation by her help. She asks struggling students if the school could help the student with anything whenever she sees them.

Because we have Mrs. Dawn working at the front office, the school can operate more smoothly. Next time your drop by the office, make sure to say hi!