Why were the buildings knocked down early? – My Home


The aftermath of what’s happened to the buildings so far.

Amir Ragnath, Contributor

Starting a few weeks ago, there has been some demolition here at Beatty. Buildings on the campus near the field have been unfortunately torn down, but for a good cause. They will be making new locker rooms in coming years for the students who attend Beatty. Here is my opinion on the demolition.

The demolition should have been towards the end of the year. I say this because for me and my friends, this was the only place we would hang out during lunch and break. It was the only place that provided shade for us and there weren’t many people around. We had got a warning form Mr.Bagger that he was going to bring people to start the construction during thanksgiving break, but they started early. By the time we got back from break, everything was gone. I think there was some miscommunication between me and Mr.Bagger. 

Since this incident, we are still looking for a place to hang out during lunch. Right now, we are staying on the field because we like to stay together with not many people around. My opinion on this situation is i don’t think we will find a hangout spot anytime soon. The construction has affected my school experience along with my friends, since having no place to hang out everyday makes it hard for us to stay in one spot. To me it feels like they “took our home.” I say this because we spent most of our time there since the beginning of the school year. 

To sum my opinion up, the demolition should or could have been towards the end of the year.