Emergency Safety Lockdown


Beatty Middle School experienced a precautionary lockdown.

Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor

Just a few weeks ago we experienced an event that affected our Beatty Middle school community.

The Friday right before Thanksgiving Break on Nov 19th, around lunch break, a car chase was on Beach Boulevard. The driver of the stolen vehicle traveled from Los Angeles all the way down to Orange County, which ended in Santa Ana. According to abc7.com it states that “At one point the driver was driving on the wrong side of the 5 freeway.” It also states that, “the vehicles’ windows were heavily tinted. This made it very hard to see the driver’s identity.”

It all started right around middle of lunch, one helicopter, three helicopters six helicopters. They all came out of the blue. Next thing you know we heard Mr Bagger announce that we needed to go under a safety lockdown. 6th, 7th and 8th graders were divided into different sections. 6th graders go in the cafeteria, 7th and 8th graders go in the auditorium. Everyone began screaming and shouting.

From my perspective, there was a lot of commotion. I witnessed different emotions coming from some of the students. They ranged from laughing at the situation to a mild panic. There were many groups of students huddled together talking about what was happening but it was difficult to hear because of all the ranting students.

Here are some personal accounts and student feelings based on the events that occurred: One person had stated, “The situation was a new experience since I’ve never been in a lockdown before. It was very scary. I was just enjoying lunch with my friends and I saw a bunch of helicopters circling our school. When I counted them, there were 7. Everyone was very loud, so loud I couldn’t hear our supervisors. It made it worse, and it was so stuffy inside of the area.” – Anonymous.

Overall, in my opinion our behavior did not meet the expectations as a middle school. Due to the fear and anxiety of some students, unfortunately rumors were spreed rapidly and made the situation worse.

Another person said, “I was really scared because the teachers and other staff weren’t telling us what was going on. All of this sudden we just saw a bunch of helicopters surrounding us. We were told to go into the auditorium and stay quiet. Many of us thought there was an active shooter on campus which made me feel anxious.” – Anonymous.

This event, unfortunately, was not the outcome everyone was hoping for. This was our first lockdown emergency on campus. Hopefully we can continue to move forward and all learn from this experience.