How to Stay Fashionable Even in Winter


Abigail Jung, Contributor

Do you just hate how you can’t stay fashionable in the winter just to keep yourself warm. Here are some tips on how to style a turtleneck in the winter.


In the winter layering matters. But the question is how do you layer your clothes to make it look cute? You can wear a white turtleneck ( it can be bought from H&M) with a puffer jacket on top (at H&M), with blue or black denim jeans(at Levi’s or Pacsun). This is just one way you can style these clothes . You can also add accessories to your liking. What accessories will do to your outfit is it will bring it more to life and make it look more complete. Accessories can be bought at places like JCPenney, Forever 21, or Tillys. Another way you can style a turtleneck is by wearing it under a gray sweater or a normal sweater (can be bought at Yesstyle), with either khaki, blue, or black colored jeans. Straight legged jeans or flares would look best with this look. 


Men can also style their clothes similar to women but with some adjustments. You can wear a black/white turtleneck with a trench coat with this style, straight legged black chino cloths.  Layering is also important in men’s fashion. You also have to make sure these colors are matching. For example, do not wear purple and orange together. An example for matching colors is brown and the color cream. You can also wear a white t-shirt, a gray sweater on top, and a black puffer jacket on top. For pants you can wear baggy blue jeans. You can buy all these clothes at Pacsun, H&M, Forever 21, Tillys, and Levis. 


If you just wanna be comfortable but still stay cute you can wear sweats and a sweater. You can also add on a beanie so keep your head warm.

Sweater is from yesstyle it is the duwnie- v-neck plaid sweater/ long sleeve turtleneck t-shirt. It is also an example on how it would look when worn.


Dute- corduroy straight leg pants at yesstyle


569 TM loose straight fit men’s jeans at Levis


Men Keith hearing sweat pants at Pacsun


Women’s Playboy by Pacsun oversized sweatpants
Men’s Water-repellent puffer jackets at H&M


Short puffer jacket women’s at H&M


Shoes you can wear with the clothes is brown Tims for men, Air Force (unisex), converse high tops or lows, or black knee length platform boots. Preferable colors are white, black, or light colors.