BPHS Field Trip Walk Through

Leah Forman, Contributor

Before The Trip:
Hello Beatty Broncos, as most of you 8th graders know, on the 1st of December we will be going to BPHS for a field trip! It is coming up to the final semester and 8th graders will be leaving for high school pretty soon.  Make sure your parent or guardian signs your permission slip if you want to attend this field trip. When you are there you will get to see a tour including the campus, teachers, electives, students, and some classes as well.

After The Trip:
The trip to the high school was overall very pleasing. On December 1st 8th graders dropped off their backpacks inside their 1st period class. There was 2 buses for the students. They had to tell their first and last name to Mrs. Clark and then they were allowed to go on the bus they were assigned to. After everyone was seated on each of the buses, we drove to BPHS. We arrived and we were greeted by high school students playing music. Each 8th grader walked along a red carpet and was lead to go stand on the bleachers. After every school came, one of the sports coaches talked to us about every sport available for everyone. Including dance, cheerleading, football, basketball, soccer, and more! After that we got tp see the band kids play some music while we saw the dancers perform a dance. After that we saw the cheerleaders cheer. After all of that was done some students were each put into a separate group with a senior students wearing neon green as their leader.

As every group was guided with their leader everyone got to do a special activity. That included tug of war, holding guns. (Fake Not Loaded) and walking on wood in sync. Students also got to see some classes on the inside. Such as the agriculture classes/science. Students were guided into rooms such as the library, cafeteria, and gym. They were listening to high schoolers talk about the special electives and what they do. The campus has a huge field for P.E and a field for football. There is also a basketball court. There’s plenty of water fountains and bathrooms for students to use. Overall, their campus is quite nice.

End Of Trip:
After everything was over students were walked to go back on the same bus they were assigned. Everyone got back just when 3rd period had started. If you are already planning on going to BPHS but did not attend the trip, I can guarantee it is a great school and you will enjoy it.