Christmas Traditions at Beatty


Elina Fairytale

Many people put up a Christmas tree as a tradition.

Samuel Otuc, Contributor

Christmas is always a very fun holiday. Especially with all the Christmas traditions that there are in the world. But every family is different and each family has different traditions from the ones that I celebrate. Here, at Beatty Middle School, many students have many Christmas traditions that they celebrate with their family.

Many families have many traditions that they celebrate during Christmas and each one is unique in a special way. But many people don’t celebrate any Christmas traditions and that’s ok. I got to see and ask what Christmas traditions some students celebrate during Christmas. A student named Kevin said, “I have Christmas traditions. I eat tamales, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies. I only celebrate one tradition. Me and my family celebrate this tradition because it brings our family closer.” Family is very important to many students here at Beatty Middle School so that’s why traditions are very very very special to them. A student named Angel stated “I do celebrate Christmas traditions. I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve which is a tradition for me and my family, and I also celebrate Hanukkah. I celebrate. These two traditions because of family.” Celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve is something special that many families do and after they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, it becomes something very special to them another student named Gavin said, “We watch movies, and we eat. I only celebrate one Christmas Tradition with my family. We celebrate this because we like family.” Eating isn’t really special to some students, but for others, they make special meals every Christmas so it becomes something special that they look out for every year on the same day. Yet, many students have weird traditions that they, but the truth is that those weird traditions that they celebrate are very special to them and, they are proud of them and are proud of their family. An anonymous student stated, “I celebrate four traditions. I celebrate white elephant and secret Santa. I celebrate these traditions because it brings our family closer and it’s a lot of fun.” Many students here at Beatty celebrate many traditions, and many students only celebrate one or two traditions, and that’s ok because every family is different in almost every way we think about. A student named Alex Thompson stated, “I celebrate four traditions. I put up a Christmas tree, hang Christmas lights, watch movies as a family, and eat mole with my family. I celebrate these traditions because they are celebrated among my family and for plain fun.”

Almost everyone wraps and gives people presents. (Photo by Karosieben)

Many students put up Christmas trees in their living room or hang up Christmas lights and they consider putting up a Christmas trees and lights a tradition because it is fun for them. Some Christmas traditions that I celebrate I celebrate are, a family reunion, always watch the two classic Home Alone Movies because it takes place during Christmas, and we always open up gifts when midnight strikes. We celebrate these traditions to bring our family together even more and because they fill the atmosphere with joy. Some people hang stockings and lights to celebrate the Christmas season and that is also considered a Christmas tradition.

Everyone has something special that they do every year on Christmas. No matter what you do, they are considered traditions that you do for Christmas. And the Christmas traditions that you celebrate are very special to you and your family. You should always cherish the traditions that your family gives you so that in the future, you will always celebrate that Christmas tradition for many years to come and keep the tradition alive. MERRY CHRISTMAS BRONCOS!