Is it Better to Give or Recieve?


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Presents under the tree

Mia Vargas-Garcia, Contributor

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People all around the world are going crazy over Christmas. But why is this? Is it because people get to receive gifts? Is it better to receive or to get?
We all get excited when we wake up on Christmas morning and see all the gifts piled up under the Christmas tree, waiting for the time to open them up and see what was wrapped up in the presents. And we also love to see our friends and family members open up what you gifted them, happily hearing the compliments on the gift.
According to, more people enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. This is because “There’s just a simple joy from giving freely of your time and talents to loved ones.” I can relate to this. I’ve been in the situation where I had to anxiously wait two weeks before I could give my friend their birthday present. However, I still find so much joy in ripping the wrapping paper apart from all my gifts.
One student said, “I prefer giving because it always gets me excited thinking about what to get people for Christmas.”
Giving Christmas gifts started with the tale about Jesus receiving gifts from the Three Wise Men. Later, the tale of Santa Claus was made. With these two stories, people around the world started giving presents to their loved ones. But why do we love to give so much? We all know how good it feels to do something nice for someone, like giving people compliments or helping them out on something. So maybe it’s the same with gifting. As mentioned before, we love when we see our friends and family’s faces light up at the sight of their gift.
“I like giving gifts because I like seeing the reaction of people when they open the gifts I got them. It also makes me happy that I can make someone feel good from a gift.” Said one student.
Though we do love giving, what about receiving? Let’s face it, we all love when we get gifts, whether it be for Christmas, your birthday, or just a kind gesture. It’s so exciting opening up your presents, wondering if you got what you’ve been desperately wanting. There’s no shame in wanting to get a present from someone. Even if we don’t show it, we all most likely still want to receive a gift deep inside. I’ll even admit that I also love getting gifts!
The same student said, “I like to receive gifts because it could be something I possibly need or something I’ve been wanting for a while.”
So is it better to give or receive? I honestly can’t decide. It’s nice to experience the feeling of making people’s day with a gift, but it’s also very exciting to receive one too. What do you think? Is it better to give or to receive?