Opinion Article on Bathroom Passes


Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor

Bathroom passes. What are they? Depends on how you look at it from your perspective. You could think of it as a piece of paper that determines your bladder, or a way to keep students from overusing their privilege for the bathroom. However way you look at it, everyone has different opinions.

I asked some students about their own opinion on bathroom passes. One stated that “It should be abolished, but there should be a way to watch people to not mess around. Reducing people to not use the restroom is bad. Cause to me, I sometimes have to go even if its not during lunch/break. Forcing me to not eat as much before school.” Nathan Basilio.

From the recent quote, coming from Nathan’s perspective, even if he hadn’t used the restroom during break or lunch, he has to use the restroom at curtain times. This is showing that not all reasons to use the restroom is necessarily to mess around, or hang out with friends to get out of class. He even says that he felt like he was being forced to not eat as much before school. Eating breakfast is one of the most important things to start a person’s day, like Nathans.

Students should not feel the need to possibly starve themselves just to get through the day without having to use a pass to control when they need to use the restroom at times. Yes, there are students who use the restroom at their lunch or break, and yes maybe some people don’t have to use their pass at all. There could be ways to prevent those from happening. Comment any suggestions you have!

Maddison Pech stated “Bathroom passes are creating problems for people. I know that it’s hard to trust kids to use the restroom responsibly, but they are restricting students from going to the bathroom after they reach the max level! That’s not okay!”

Bathroom passes have only eight slots for eight uses in the whole quarter. One whole quarter is about three months. Three months is a pretty long time. I think, that if bathroom passes still continue, they should have at least a couple more slots for usages. Bathroom passes can also be lost, and maybe it is the students fault, but we should still give students a chance to adapt here at Beatty Middle School. School is a place of learning, learning means mistakes along the way. Everyone has been in a situation where they didn’t have the right materials for a homework assignment, or got an A on that test that they studied for, bathroom passes can be the same.

Another student stated “I feel like bathroom passes are reasonable and unreasonable. I understand why it’s so important to have one when walking around campus because the time on the slip can show how long a student was out because they could possibly be skipping, but I honestly feel it’s idiotic because, do we really need to take a piece of paper with us to the bathroom,” Said Leona Ashley.

What do you think about bathroom passes?