Should We Go back to Online School?

As COVID-19 cases rise once more, schools may be switching back to online again.


Leo Lee, Contributor

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives and had a negative impact on the community. Whether it is losing their jobs, loved ones, or having both physical and mental health problems. However, a huge change was schools shutting down and classes being held online. 

2 years back in March 2020, as COVID cases were rising, the government decided to shut down schools. When students first heard this news, students were surprised and had different emotions. When asked about how he felt about schools shutting down in March of 2020, 8th grader Kenneth Lee responded with, “I was surprised and confused about how that was going to work because it was a first time for me. I did like the idea of it because I thought it might be a nice break.” On the other hand, Ethan Nguyen had a different opinion. “I didn’t like the idea of online school because I like going in-person and seeing my friends and to learn better in the classrooms.” 

Soon after schools closed, classes were held online and people were now working in their home. 

The amount of COVID cases throughout the years portrayed by The New York Times.

COVID-19 cases started to drop down and after a year and a half of online classes, schools finally re-opened for all students at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Although everyone had to adjust themselves to going back to in-person school, everything was going smoothly. However, COVID-19 cases started to skyrocket from December 2021. The graph above by The New York Times show that COVID-19 cases had a huge jump in December-January. Having schools open can lead to more people getting sick which can hurt the community even more. This left many people wondering on if schools should shut down once again.


Another graph by The New York Times below show that the number of people hospitalized are rising since January 2022. This proves that COVID-19 cases are growing once again and people are believing that going into another lockdown is the best choice we have right now.

The amount of deaths and people hospitalized arise.

Alternatively, The New York Times states, “A separate study analyzing the impact of remote learning found that math and reading passing rates were lowest in poor areas and that going from fully virtual to fully in person counteracted the low math passing rates by 10 percentage points.” This shows how learning online can hinder a student’s education. Another reason some people are against schools closing are that it can affect a student’s mental health.

The graph shows the negative affects on students who took online classes.

On the graph above by, it is shown the positive and negative effects on students after schools shutting down during the pandemic. The results are shocking as every negative trait had percentages going up and every positive trait having percentages going down. It is seen on the graph that more students become lonely and depressed. They were also less relaxed and didn’t have a positive mindset. This graph explains how if schools were to be held online, students can be lead to even a worse mental health which can affect even what they do outside of schools.

Everyone thought it would just be a short 2 week lockdown, but those 2 weeks turned into a month, a month turned into 6 months, and before we even realized, it has been almost 2 years since the first lockdown in California. There are several ongoing debates on whether we should go back into lockdown and go back to online classes or stay with in-person school. The pros and cons show that their is no right or wrong answer, but if we were to go back online, it can happen any time soon.