Different High Schools to Attend


Aurora Delgado , Contributer

The year is almost over and 8th graders are becoming worried about high school registrations. Well today I’m going to be sharing information about different highschool to attend. There are 5 highschools to choose from in total. Here they are.


  1. Buena Park High school 

Buena Park High School first started on September 11 1956 with 508 students. It was the third school in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. It has since then grown and now serves 3,678 students and offers many programs, sports, and classes. It is ranked 544th in California . Some sports it offers are baseball, soccer, and track. One of the programs, agriculture, allows students to better learn about floral design and animals. There is also advanced floral design. Another program BPHS offers is world language, world language allows for students to learn French and Spanish. For French there is French1, 2, 3, and advanced French. For Spanish there is Spanish 1, 2, 3, and advanced Spanish. To learn more about Buena Park high school go visit their website at https://www.fjuhsd.org/Domain/8         


        2. Sunny Hills High School 

 Sunny Hills High School first began in 1959 and now has 2,304 students. It is ranked 134th in California. Sunny hills offers many programs and sports, some including football, cross country and agriculture. One of them is COFA which is a program that allows students to take classes in dance, singing, theater, vocal, and instrumental. Choosing one of these classes allows you to better learn about that subject and what it offers. To learn more about sunny hills, COFA and what they offer go visit their website at  https://www.fjuhsd.org/Domain/12


      3. Sonora High School

Sonora High School first started on September 1,1966. It now has 1,944 students. Sonora high school is ranked 312th in California. Sonora high school has many programs and sports. One of them being AG veterinary tech which is a program that allows students to learn about veterinary science and physiology. There you develop knowledge and skills to better help you in that field. To learn more about Sonora high school and its programs go visit them at https://www.fjuhsd.org/Page/15


  1. Troy High School 

Troy High School started in 1964 and now has 2,614 students. Troy high school is ranked 25th in California. Some programs and sports Troy has to offer are basketball and VAPA. VAPA is a program that allows students to join classes such as theater and visual arts. In it you learn how to dance, play an instrument and many more. To learn more about Troy go visit their website at https://www.fjuhsd.org/Page/19


  1. La Habra High School 

La Habra High School first started in 1954 and now has 2,184 students. La Habra is ranked 543rd in California. La Habra high school offers many programs and sports. One of them is Agriculture mechanics which teaches students about measurement, project planning, and electricity. In it you will also learn how to do welding and use metal. To learn more about La Habra high school go visit their website at https://www.fjuhsd.org/Page/13


  1. Fullerton Union High School

Fullerton Union High School first began in 1893 and it now has 1,979 students. Fullerton Union high school is ranked 440th in California. It offers many programs and sports. One of them is Culinary Arts which allows students to learn about food preparation, recipe costing, menu preparation and many more. Joining these class will better help students develop the skills they need if they ever wanna own a restaurant. To learn more about Fullerton high school go visit their website at https://www.fjuhsd.org/domain/1028



I hope you enjoyed briefly learning about each school and what they offer.

All information was deemed reliable at the time of publication.