Nathan Basilio, Contributor

Have you ever had so much work that you feel so overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or maybe even frustrated? You need a break. Breaks, something that we all need as human beings to relax our minds on things that could build up and that can overwhelm us recharging our systems. Without them most of us would feel very out of touch to relax and to recharge when we need it most. However, I feel like we don’t get much of it at our school at Beatty middle school. Here is why I believe our lunch breaks should be extended.

Now on to our main topic. Why should our lunch breaks should be extended. I think that we should have longer lunch breaks for a couple reasons. First, we should have longer lunch breaks because we need more time to recover from previous classes. Only having 40 mins isn’t enough considering how long each class takes which is roughly 1 hour and 30 mins (Not including minimum days). Our lunch breaks should be at least 1 hour instead of our usual 40 mins.

Another reason why I believe that we should have longer lunch breaks is because it could possibly improve our social skills. By having a longer lunch break it could help people talk to their friends more or maybe even go out and talk to other people to make more friends! By having this there confidence to talk to other people arises which is a very important people skill in life due to how much we use it in our daily lives.

I have interviewed local students from our BMS campus for there opinion on this topic on longer lunch breaks.

Amy Hong: “I would love that (Longer lunch break) because I believe we have a really short 10 minute break so I believe the lunch break should make up for the short duration of the mid break, I also feel the lunch break should last at least an hour & 10 minutes, because majority of our classes last more than a hour.”

Ethan Nguyen: “People can talk to more people and can definitely have a better social life.”

Genesis: “We have 3 hours of constant learning and putting our brain at work but if we have a whole hour of break it would serve our mind to track your brain around.”

What do you think about lunch breaks? Should it be longer? Should it be shorter? Or should we have a different way for us to relax entirely?