Why teach?


Genesis Quiette, Contributor

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”-Bob Talbert

Most kids go to school and spend hours a day learning from their teachers, but a teacher could make or break their educational experience. Most teachers put their whole life into teaching and wanting to give students the best opportunity possible. To have those types of teachers at our school, teachers that believe in students and will do anything to make sure these students have the best opportunity possible, is valuable to a great education.

When some of the teachers at our school were asked why they started teaching, most of their answers were because they wanted to have a positive influence on students’ lives. Mr.Fitzgerald (most commonly known as Mr.Fitz) experienced this himself. He had a positive influence on a student’s life. “After being an engineering major, he decided he wanted to be a history teacher. The student sent me an email telling me he changed his major to history, and now he is a history teacher,” Mr.Fitz said. Mr.Fitz had a positive influence on this student’s life. He created a fun and safe environment for this student to the point where he wanted to be a history teacher, just like Mr.Fitz.

All teachers at this school only want the best for students. Having a fun and safe environment in each classroom is key to having a successful education. When the environment is welcoming, kind, and lighthearted, it serves for a great classroom. “I’m happy being a teacher, I’m tired but I’m happy,” Mrs. Young, who teaches journalism, English, and ELD said. When the teachers at our school are happy about teaching, their classroom is the most welcoming.

Most teachers go through some type of adversity which makes them the great teacher they are today. Ms. Sedia wasn’t always the honorable, award winning teacher she is today. She struggled with hardships in high school: not being a top student and having a closed mindset. But she had that one teacher who made a difference in her life. They inspired her to become a teacher. Now by having a growth mindset and working hard she achieved her goal of being a Spanish and History teacher.

After talking to a few teachers about why they teach, they all had a common answer: to make a difference in the world. They believe kids can learn and be nurtured to strengthen the future of the next generation. But the next question is, why do students want to learn?