Halfway There!

Leah Forman, Contributor

So far, this 2021-2022 school year has gone by in a breeze. However, it is still not over. We have made it to our final semester. For 8th graders, high-school will be coming up soon. The end of the year can be stressful to think about. You may have a hard time with work, turning in assignments, paying attention in class, or anything else. I have some tips for you to get yourself together before the school year ends.

Turning In Assignments

If you are struggling with turning in assignments, here are some tips for you to follow to solve that problem.

First, if you are submitting an assignment, make sure that it successfully submits. Before you close your iPad after thinking you already are done with your work, check canvas or look for the notification labeled “ Assignment Successfully Submitted. “ If you do not do this, your assignment may have a failed submission. This may be why your assignments  are marked Missing and you did not know why. Double checking if it submitted successfully will prevent your grade from going down, and not getting a missing assignment.

Now, if you sometimes just forget about what you have to do for the day for your homework, go to canvas and go to the tab labeled “ To-Do. “ It will list every assignment that is due that day and for the whole week.

My 3rd tip for you is about the best apps to download to complete your work. As well as ways to layout your assignments. If you have pdf assignments the best way to store them is in the Notability app which many of you already know. Be sure to back up any work you do create there. Remember the catastrophe at the end of Quarter 2, when Notability crashed and we all lost our work? Let’s not have that repeated.

If you have any type of work that you need to type out such as an article or essay, use Google Docs. It has the best layouts for line spaces, fonts, etc.

However, if you have to do a pixel art assignment or want to create something amazing with art, use the Google Sheets, SketchesSchool, and SketchesPro. All of these apps are available on your Self Service app!

I hope these tips for turning in assignments will help you.

Paying Attention In Class

If you lack focus in class, get easily distracted, or have trouble having side conversations, these tips are just for you.

If you sit next to someone in your class and they distract you. I suggest talking to your teacher after class is over. Let them know to change your seat. If you have trouble seeing in the back of the classroom don’t  be afraid to talk to your teacher as well.

Sometimes it is hard to not get bored or distracted in class. It may be harder to start your work. If you just take it slow and start step by step on the assignment, it will actually feel good to be doing some work. If the classroom noise distracts or bothers you during independent work time, try wearing some headphones to focus you. If it is okay with your teacher of course. Hopefully these tips for paying attention in class will benefit you.

Too Tired For School

If you walk into your class and feel tired, drained, and just do not want to do anything but sleep or eat, read these tips for you to help you avoid that.

Sleeping is an important aspect in your life. Especially when you have to get up early for school. Try setting up a sleep schedule for yourself. Go to bed at the same time every night. I would suggest 10:00pm on school days. Your body will get used to that certain amount of sleep hours and feel a good amount of energy for the next day.

You also need to make sure you eat enough everyday. Eating breakfast before school will be very beneficial. It will take your mind off of food and take away that feeling of being weak and tired. As well as eating lunch and dinner after school. If you usually do not eat after school, try eating in school. As well as bringing some dollars to buy snacks. I hope these tips helped you. 

School may be challenging for you, that is why I wrote out these tips to help you. It is the last semester as well. That means it is time to pay more attention and put more effort in school.