How Using Foul Language Can Affect Others


Abigail Jung, Contributor

Have you ever thought about how using foul language can affect others? Foul language has become very popular in our generation. You can hear them in songs, when you’re with your friends, or on the internet. But just because your friends are using this language, it does not mean you should too. Some of these words may just be words to you, but it could be hurtful to them. 

Many people just use these foul languages without realizing that it can put a toll on another person. I have asked a question to different people. Have you ever been affected in a bad way by someone who used foul language towards you? Leah, 8th grader at Beatty, stated that this one person she knew said a phrase with foul language in front of a group of people. She knew that they wanted to get in her feelings and did it intentionally. “I felt very disrespected and embarrassed, I couldn’t say anything so I just walked away”. In this case it was done on purpose. Saying these things can really bring someone down and as Beatty students we wanna rise together. “I froze when they said that, sometimes I look back and wish it was a joke,” Kaelyn stated. The person saying the words to her probably thought she would forget but deep inside she still thinks about the words that were said to her. “ I felt really sad and I cried in the bathroom after a person older than me from school used foul language towards me,” Leo stated. He got really affected by the words this person used towards him and it really brought him down. Many people using these foul languages may not realize what their saying is destructible to others. “I feel really bad because they called me a name and it was someone I loved,” Genesis expressed. Foul language has become popular in our culture. You can hear it in songs, when you are around your friends, and just as you’re walking on the streets.

“I felt speechless, I didn’t know how to react or what to say I just froze,” exclaimed Katie. The word used towards her left her in utter shock and really ruined the rest of her day. “I honestly just laughed it off but it really hurted me on the inside,” Julie spoke. 

All these people were asked, have you ever been affected badly by someone who used foul language towards you? They all said yes. These are just a few people saying yes but imagine how many more could have been affected by a word you or someone else laughed about. Mrs. Clark states that as a Beatty community we should encourage each other instead of bringing them down with foul language.