Get to Know Mr. Lutfi

Photo of Mr.Lutfi outside his classroom

Photo of Mr.Lutfi outside his classroom

Julia Estrella, Contributor

 Most of us know about the Math teacher Mr. Lutfi, who teaches common core 8, Honors Algebra, 8th grade Honors Geometry, and 8th grade Math Support. But what about his life before becoming a teacher, and his life outside of school? Here is what Mr. Lutfi has chosen to share with us about himself.

Early life

Mr. Lutfi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended high school at La Mirada high school and went to college at CAL state Fullerton and Chapman University. His first ever job was working at an arcade and he loved it. He also did very well academically because of the fact of him having strict parents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


The reason Mr. Lutfi decided to become a teacher was because many of his friends were teachers and loved it. That inspired him to become a teacher and so left his pursuit to become an engineer to become a teacher. He states, “My engineering degree involved so much math that I decided to teach it. I worked at an engineering firm and hated it!” To try and challenge his students he states,“I’ve always been a cheerleader for my students. Like the way I approach my day to day classes.” The greatest challenge that he has to overcome is students learning outside of the classroom and thinking they don’t need anymore teaching. He hopes to overcome this by showing how important their education is and how it will be in the future. 

Personal life

Mr. Lutfi claims to be “21” years old. And his current hobbies are watching sports like football, and doing sports now and again. His greatest goal in life that he hopes to achieve is to get his daughter through college, and keep working so he could pay for her tuition. His advice to all his students and other students is, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Mr. Lutfi has a daughter and an ex-wife. He loves his job as a teacher and hopes to continue to do it.



Mr. Lutfi is a helpful teacher that tries his best to push students and keep moving them forward. He performs his job as a teacher and does his best for his students. Even though he has a lot of responsibilities to maintain as a teacher, he never gives up and always tries to create a better future for his students.