Halfway Through the School Year – Can we stay motivated?

Halfway Through the School Year - Can we stay motivated?

Naraly De Avila, Contributor

We are halfway through the school year. Even though it doesn’t seem as close, it is. We still have a couple of months but time passes by really fast. With the school year ending soon, us as students need to manage our grades. Students should start putting their all in assignments and other things to help their grades. This is the time for students to start asking their teachers for help if needed. We have one more quarter left which means that we have to improve our grades in these five months that are left in the school year.

Students should also be aware that time is also limited since students are attending field trips like science camp, which takes away three days of working. Other than science camp and the 8th grade field trip, we have a lot of time to work on improving our grades. We tend to procrastinate, but at some point we have to stop before it’s too late to fix our grades.

When students were asked about what they think about the school year ending or what they’re doing to get their grades up they had a lot to say.  Melanie Zaragoza, 7th grade student stated “I’m excited about the school year ending! Definitely not excited for the tests at the end of the school year. I think what I’m planning on doing is just staying on top of my assignments and making sure to not get behind.” I completely agree with this because I feel that many students have this same exact thought. When I interviewed Leona Ashley this is what they had to say. “I feel pretty stressed out about it because now we’re getting older and leaving easier times behind. The 8th graders are leaving and of course we have state testing so I’m not at all excited for that.” Another 7th grader Jacob Alvarez stated “I feel good about the school year ending. I will try to turn in my work on time to improve my grade.” Isabella Valdovinos said “I will improve my grades by turning in my homework on time and studying.

 Students plan to do a variety of things to get their grades up. They honestly try but sometimes they can’t for multiple reasons. Mental health being one of the main reasons. They say they’ll turn in assignments, study, and not fall behind which many students do but what about the others? Students can set up these goals for themselves but they can’t do it when the time comes. Which is their responsibility but it can be a lot of work. According to sprc.or, mental health can affect students’ energy level, consternation, dependability, mental ability, optimism, and hindering performance.

I got quotes from teachers to see what they had to say about what students should do to get their grades up. Mr. Casper gave us four tips on how to improve our grades. “Do homework that is least favorite first, use energy on tough subjects first. Talk with your teachers. Sit in front of the classroom. Use class time to finish work and seek help from teachers and peers.” Ms. Joyce added to this by saying “If you are struggling with your grades determine what the reason could be. If it’s a distraction, remove or leave the distraction. If it’s motivation, fight the urge to brush off the assignments and set the mindset that you will get the work done to get the grade you want. Always remember to be honest and open with your teachers if you are struggling or fall behind so they can help you succeed.

School can be very hard but I hope that this article will help and give you some motivation. You should know that you can do it. Use this advice to improve your grades. Also don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help. As a student I know how hard it can be to do homework and other assignments. Sometimes we are mentally exhausted or we just need a break. It’s perfectly ok to feel this way.