Beatty’s Soccer Team


I used this image as it shows a soccer team in a huddle. This shows a symbol of teamwork

Amir Ragnath, Contributor

Beatty’s soccer team had tryouts on December 7th and 8th before break.

Because of break, the team has only had 4 practices. Within those 4 practices, they have practiced things such as teamwork, passing drills, running drills, and corner kicks. They also played boys and girls scrimmages. These drills will help the teams chemistry, passing, and goal scoring as a team.

Soccer is a sport that relies heavily on teamwork in order to score, so in doing these drills the team can improve their goal scoring skills.

Passing drills will help with teamwork and in game efficiency. Running scrimmages will give the players in game experience and will help them in all aspects of soccer. It gives an opportunity for new soccer players to get experience in game.

Corner kicks are used to restart the play in game when the ball goes out of bounds. This method can also be used to create another offensive play.

They have time to practice for their next game, which is on the 26th. Their game will be in Buena Park, but other information hasn’t been provided to know what team they will play against.

So far, the team has been practicing things that will be essential in game. Keeping up these practices and the team will build all their skills to have good soccer games. With these drills and a good work ethic, Beatty’s soccer team will build and become a great team.