Importance of Black History Month


Amir Ragnath, Contributor

February is a short month, and in that time the United States honors all black (African American) people who have done things for the U.S. We take this month to recognize activists across the world in the African American community and have affected the U.S history. Before we do that, let’s first understand why we give African Americans the entire month of February.

Black history month started on January 2, 1970- February 28, 1970. Black history month was chosen to be in February to align with the birth of Abraham Lincoln, since he was the president who abolished slavery. Since Abraham Lincoln was the president who abolished slavery which was one of the biggest problems of black history, the celebration of all activist should be linked with the person who stopped slavery. In 1976, President Gerald Ford recognized black history month and declared it that same year. The importance behind black history month is to allow us to learn about, celebrate, and honor black leaders. We are able to understand and learn about events that happened in the past that affect black history that aren’t talked about in schools. 

In the past with black history, there are many activists we recognize for the good things they have done for the U.S. Without some of these activists , the world we live in today may not be the same. In the month of February, we recognize people such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. These 3 African American activists are some of the most recognizable people for their impact on African American history. Throughout the years, there have been many historic events that deal with black history. An example would be the movement Martin Luther king jr did alongside with Malcolm X to fight for racial injustice and end racial segregation. Without this movement, the black community today may not have some of their rights they would have today. These activists impacted black history heavily and that’s why they are the main people who are noticed.

This image shows what a protest would look like.

With all these facts in mind, black history month is something that shouldn’t be overlooked every year. In honor of all the back activists who stepped up to change the world they lived in long ago, they get the month of February every year for their accomplishments. This is the importance of black history month and why we honor these people.