The Importance of Relationships



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Staying in contact and socializing with others is a very important thing. It’s also important to have good, healthy relationships with people like your family and friends. These are necessities that help us live happy lives.

Having good relationships with other people is very important. It is proven that having healthy relationships helps you live longer, deal with stress better, have healthy habits, and even have a stronger resistance to colds. In other words, it’s good for the human mind and body. Whether it’s a romantic, friendly, or familial relationship, it can help improve your lifespan and mental health. 

Adding on, it’s also important to know if you have and/or are in a good relationship. Unhealthy relationships can lead to acting poorly or misbehaving in school. Worse effects include binge drinking, physical fighting, and even suicide attempts. People who are in bad relationships can even carry the attitude and behavior into future relationships. 

How should you maintain a healthy relationship? The steps to having a good relationship are simple. The first step is to simply talk to the person. Doing this will build a closer bond between the two. The next step is to have trust. Healthy relationships should be trustworthy! Although there are more things that you could do, the most important is to take care of yourself. Good relationships are mutual, so the both of you should feel happy. 

Socializing is also an important necessity. Staying in contact with other people like friends or family strengthens your mental health, and also gets rid of feelings of loneliness and sharpens your memory. Socialization also helps with our individual development. It has been researched that we are affected by both our nature (genetics and hormones) and nurture (how we are raised.) 

Furthermore, staying in contact with others is also good. Staying in touch with people like your friends and family can give off the feeling of being loved and/or cared for. There have been studies that simply talking with someone important to you, like a best friend, can lessen effects of negative experiences or situations. It can even reduce the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) your body produces. Self-esteem can even be raised with a loved one around.

How do you stay close with someone? The first thing you could do is to engage in self-disclosure. In doing so, you both can open up and understand each other better. This may even lead to learning something new about them! You should also be reliable. Friends count on each other, so you should always be there if someone needs it. It’s also important to be honest. Being honest about how you feel about something and why you feel that way counts as being honest. Sharing even the simplest of things can build trust. 

When asking two different people about their opinions on friendship before they read this article, they both believed that it was good to have relationships and stay in contact with others. After reading the article, their opinion remained the same, but they definitely learned a few things and saw a few things differently.

In conclusion, relationships are a very important necessity. They can improve your mental health and physical health. Remember, it can be any kind of relationship, such as familial, friendly, or romantic. Just make sure that they are healthy relationships.