Does Beatty Need More Bathrooms?


Olivia Woo, Contributor

When you try to go to the bathroom during break, you should expect to wait for a long, long time. 

The lines are often so long that it takes most people the entire 10 minutes just to get into a stall! 

This is because in the entire school, there are only two bathrooms for girls and two bathrooms for boys, leaving very little options for the many students who attend Beatty. There are many reasons why the limited number of open bathrooms affects the students here at school.

  1.     It wastes time

Break time is only 10 minutes long. Because it takes time to move from classroom to classroom, this time is shortened by about three minutes. 

This means that there’s less than ten minutes for students to find a bathroom that isn’t locked (since the available bathrooms are frequently unopened), stand in a long line, and head to their next class. 

The process leaves out time for people to talk with their friends, or get some work done. Ultimately, most students see it as a complete waste of time to even go to the bathroom at all, choosing to wait until lunch time or during class. 

“In a school of about 600 kids there are only two bathrooms with three stalls in each,” an anonymous 7th grade student said. “You see the problem? Every day during break, I have to run for my life to get to the bathrooms somewhat early. I spend most of my break time in line, and it’s really annoying and wasteful.” 

      2.     The options are too little for students 

Such a small number of available bathrooms makes the options very small for students. This is especially true when a bathroom is closed, which it often is. 

During after school hours, one out of two bathrooms for each gender is always closed, which means that students participating in after-school activities must go across the school to try and find a bathroom that is open.

Not only this, but in the girls bathrooms, two out of the total six stalls don’t close properly. This makes things even harder for students. 

“The girl’s bathroom is always packed during break,” an anonymous student said. “It makes zero sense that there’s only two bathrooms for each gender when there are this many students in Beatty. Not only that, but the bathrooms are frequently closed because kids goof around in there, or something happens, which means each gender gets one bathroom for many, many people.”

While there are many reasons to get more bathrooms for students at Beatty, there’s one main opposing thought:

  1. Practicality

Where would the bathrooms go? How much would it cost? How hard would it be to get it built?

These are just some of the questions that came up when students were asked if  they thought more bathrooms were a practical idea.

There aren’t many places to put these bathrooms, and they would take up a lot of space. It would also be very costly. It can cost more than $3,000 to build just one bathroom!

More bathrooms will also mean more space for trouble. Students could commit vandalism, and damage the bathrooms and ruin it for others. This would be dangerous for people using the bathroom.

While it would be great to have more bathrooms, it may not be the smartest idea. It would be hard to sort out all of the problems that come with this movement.

“Additional bathrooms would be more convenient for students,” journalism teacher Mrs. Young said. “But there are the issues of cost and maintenance, since we’ve had issues with vandalism and graffiti in the past.”

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have more bathrooms at Beatty. But the question is if it would be a smart, and easy, idea to try and implement. What do you think? Does Beatty Middle School need more bathrooms?