ASB Lunchtime Activities


Naraly De Avila, Contributor

Apart from doing things like the student store and Valentine’s Day grams, ASB has recently started doing lunchtime activities on Fridays. They have started these activities with the goal that students will have fun. Students have been seen enjoying these activities and games. Whether they are playing the games or just watching. 

So far they have done Musical Chairs, Karaoke, How To Be A Millionaire and Mail Call. ASB organizes these activities so that students can have a good time. ASB has also purchased big games like connect four, janga, and others.These games were purchased with money that ASB has raised. These big games will be used for the following years as well. They also plan on doing games like Minute To Win It, and more of the games they have done before. These games were purchased with money that ASB has raised. ASB has prizes for the winners that play these games. The prize that is given out is a 3 minute early release to lunch pass. 

Students have many opinions on ASB lunchtime activities. I heard a couple of students express their thoughts about these activities while they were happening. People said that it was cringe or not fair. Some students didn’t have the nicest things to say but others were so happy to hear about what these activities were. 

ASB students tend to hear a lot of feedback whether it’s good or bad. They try their best to make these games the best for the students at Beatty Middle school, so they can have fun but sometimes it’s hard to please everyone. 

ASB has had feedback from students. ASB is trying their best with what they have. They appreciate feedback because they try to take this feedback and improve the activities they plan to do in the future. I have made a Google Form so that Beatty Broncos can give ASB suggestions for upcoming activities. To see this form click here