Melanie Zaragoza, Contributor

Debate recently just had their third tournament, having to go against multiple schools around the whole city. It seems that it’s been successful seeing that multiple students have placed. Congrats to all debate students! However, this tournament was slightly different since where it took place was different to all the previous tournaments. As well as different topics, but they were actually very interesting.

The most recent tournament was just recently held on February 5th. The debate students day consisted of speech after speech.The tournament contained of two topics and one impromptu topic: The US should Boycott the 2022 Olympics, Decriminalizing Sleeping in Public Does More Harm Than Good, and the special impromptu topic, Humanity classes are more important than STEM classes. 

An impromptu topic is different from the other two. How? Usually in debates with impromptu topics you don’t know what the debate is going to be, meaning you only have a little amount of time to get your speech ready with background knowledge that you already have about the topic, while the other two you have weeks to prepare for them. 

Fortunately, in debate you have teams of three, so you’re not alone. You have some help from your teammates to help you finish the speeches! 

How does it feel to be under pressure in finishing the speech? 

7th grader Leona Ashley says, “ The impromptu was quite a surprising topic. When building our speeches, it was kind of a brain scrambler trying to stay on the topic that it was talking about CLASSES themselves and it wasn’t just humanity vs. STEM. I think this was a good topic to really use teamwork and brain power overall.” 

That seems like a great topic to debate about. It’s beneficial that the debate students have support and an opportunity from their team to improve teamwork!

The next tournament is happening sooner than expected! It’s a spring tournament. When is it happening? March 26th! 

Debate kids have been doing great, previously just finishing their third tournament of the school year! Now, preparing for their next tournament happening in the spring. Good luck debate students!