Feeling Stressed or Lacking Energy?

Leah Forman, Contributor

Some students lack motivation in school and their work. This is a reason why some of the students at Beatty have a failing grade. A letter shown on a student’s screen can have a bigger effect on them than you think. The fear of not being enough, or not being smart can flow through their minds. Does the letter shown on your screen determine how smart you are? The answer is no. You yourself know how hard you try  your school in life. The letter on your screen doesn’t determine that, if you know you can do better than you will get better.

If you are ever feeling stressed I highly recommend talking to Mrs. Reddinguis in the wellness center! 

If you lack motivation in your daily life, I recommend trying to create a daily routine. A daily routine can help you stay organized and work faster and efficiently. It will benefit you greatly. It might even help you with submitting work.