A Long Walk To Water

The book Long Walk To Water and our school.

A Long Walk To Water

Siwon Woo

Buena Park- Right now our school just finished reading the book “A Long Walk to Water.” This book takes place in Sudan. There are two main characters. They take place in different time periods. Many people are finished with this book but some people may not be finished. Many people enjoyed the book too. There are 3 points that are related to this book. 

Background of the book 

The book takes place in Sudan. Life in Sudan is very different from life in the US. In the book one of the main characters goes through a war. “Sudan has been plagued by one of the longest and deadliest civil wars in the world. For the past 27 years, President Omar al-Bashir has clung to power in a brutal fashion, including the 2003 genocide in Darfur that drew international condemnation. Fighting between the Sudanese government and southern rebels finally cooled in 2011 when an almost unanimous referendum granted what is now South Sudan independence. However, the violence within Sudan continues today. The constant war weighs heavily on the civilian population as more than 2 million people remain displaced in Darfur, with a PTSD prevalence of 55 percent in some areas.” Another main character deals with lack of water and also dirty water. “Sudan faces ecological crises like water scarcity and desertification. Rural Sudanese are displaced often by changing landscapes and a lack of agricultural production. The demand for water increases, but its availability to the country’s inhabitants continually remains low. Access to water is needed, as much of Sudan’s country has become neglected. Women and children must devote the most time in their days to gather water from distant sources. They risk their health and safety by bearing frequent trips to a well remote from their home.”



I got an interview with one of the people who had finished the book. Jewon Woo, a 7th grader in Beatty School said “ I believe that water is an important issue in Sudan. So many people suffer from lack of water. Also the dirty water too. I also learned how much harm the war can have on people. So many people suffered from the war and caused a great harm in everyone’s lives”


The coin raise 

Our school will be doing coin raises for people who lack water in Sudan. It is done by the same organization that the main character, Salva made. It started on January 11 and will end on March 15. This will be a timed Money collection contest. At the beginning of 3rd period everyone in class had 5min to empty out their pocket. At the end of the class they will have ASB members to pick up the coins. At the end of the contest whoever has the most coins raised they will get an ice cream for the whole class. The collection dates are February 23, March 3, and March 11. Make sure to help raise money for people who need fresh water in Sudan!