Mrs. Harris, An Educator Who Inspires Her Students


Olivia Woo, Contributor

When you think of incredible teachers, Mrs. Harris should definitely come to mind. A teacher who inspires and encourages students, an interview with her has revealed more about her life, goals, and ways of teaching.

Mrs. Harris grew up in Rowland Heights with her mom, dad, and three siblings. Her roles in her family helped influence the development of the teaching traits she possesses today.

Growing up, Mrs. Harris was shy and loved to read. But she was also the eldest sister of four other siblings. This meant that she had many responsibilities and helped her mom often. 

Mrs. Harris received a long and fulfilling education. She attended Rowland High School, and got married afterwards. She then went to Cal State Fullerton and earned her bachelor’s degree. Afterwards, she attended National University, where she received a teaching credential and a master’s degree. Finally, she returned to Cal State Fullerton and obtained an English credential. 

She made the decision to teach because she had always wanted to be a teacher, and because she had experience with being in charge and leading others. She chose to teach English due to her love of books and literature. Mrs. Harris saw many opportunities for students who love to read. 

Mrs. Harris’ long years of education paid off, especially recently as she was awarded with the title of one of the top teachers in Orange County. 

When asked about how she felt to gain such an honor, she confessed that it was actually “quite embarrassing.” 

Mrs. Harris considers her biggest inspiration to be teachers who go above and beyond for their students, as well as her parents.

When asked about a teaching philosophy that she has, she said, “I just feel like students need to be happy to learn. So when kids come into my classroom I want them to feel comfortable, and I want them to enjoy being there.”

Of course, teaching is not an easy job. According to Mrs. Harris, the greatest challenge she has is getting students to engage in their learning when they don’t want to. 

But a good educator can overcome these challenges, just like Mrs. Harris has. She sees a good educator as “someone who can connect with their students and encourage and inspire them to do hard things, try something new, have an open mind, and to believe in themself.” 

Students at Beatty Middle School were asked about how Mrs. Harris has impacted their learning. 

“Mrs. Harris takes a different approach in teaching,” an anonymous 7th grade student, who is taking her Honors English class, said. “In her class, it’s not the same old things we do every year. Unlike most classes, hers largely revolves around sharing new ideas and stepping out of your comfort zone.  She is a teacher that takes our education very seriously and wants to make sure each student reaches their full potential.”

“I really enjoy Mrs. Harris and her teaching style,” Mia Vargas—Garcia, a 7th grade student in her Honors English class, said. “I like how patient she is with her students and how she helps everyone out.”

Mrs. Harris is an incredible teacher who has touched the lives of many, many students. She continues to educate and inspire, and she has proven time and time again that she takes education seriously. Under her influence, students can learn to the best of their ability. 

An final piece of advice from Mrs. Harris to the students at Beatty Middle SchoStudents at Beatty Middle School, they can do anything they want to do if they put in the work. If they do the do, they’re going to get the get. It’s a silly thing to say, but if you do the work, you’re going to get the rewards. And I want them to know that they have a lot of potential.”