Who is Mrs. Milandovich?


Mia Allman , Contributor

Early Life

Mrs. Milandovich was born in St. Louis, MO. She attended EL Modena High School. Her childhood was fun for her, “I had a neighborhood with tons of kids. We were always together terrorizing the neighborhood.” Growing up she did snow ski racing for the Mammoth Mountain Alpine Ski Team, “I traveled all through California and Nevada competing in downhill skiing”. 



Her first part time job was when she was 16 and she worked for a magazine publishing company. She worked for a gaming company called Interplay Productions, as her first career job after college. She worked in customer service, then sales, then marketing. She wanted to become a PE teacher but not until she’d been teaching in a classroom for many years. “I wanted to change my career in teaching to something I am passionate about. I love inspiring others to stay fit and stay healthy.” She went back to graduate school to get another teaching credential in PE after 20 years of classroom teaching. 


Personal life

Her parents definitely had high expectations for her but they weren’t very strict with her since her older brother caused a lot of trouble. She learned what not to do at an early age. Her hobbies are snow skiing with her family. She also likes to spend her free time hiking, or working out at the gym. As an adult her goal is to raise successful children and help them get through their tough years of college and for them to be successful. Another goal of hers is to retire in time to travel and enjoy life. She is married to her husband named Alex. She has 2 daughters named Mylee and Tanner. Her husband is a professional drag racer and she enjoys supporting him and his team.


Advice to students 

Her advice to students as a PE teacher is “Stay Fit…. Stay healthy!” Her life advice is Always follow your dreams….they won’t follow you back.  If you want something bad enough….don’t give up, no matter how many times you have been kicked down.”



Mrs. Milandovich is an amazing PE teacher and students love her. She is very supportive and caring. She pushes students to keep going, and wishes the best for her students. She always tries to keep her students motivated, fit and healthy.