American Heritage Trip


Genesis Quiette and Kaelyn Miyoshi

A group of eighth grade students went on The American Heritage trip, where they traveled all the way to Boston then to Virginia. For 9 days these students learned about historical events, like D.C. where MLK gave his “I have a dream speech” to seeing Lexington and Concord (a national war site). Keep reading to take a better look to check out more of the American Heritage Trip.


This trip created memories and experiences that will impact their life forever. The students visited Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts and learned about the “Shot heard around the world,” where the first shots of the Revolutionary War took place.


While in Boston students also took a long tour along the “Freedom Trail,” located in Boston. The Freedom Trail is a two and a half mile trail which is a self tour to 16 attractions and historical sites. Students visited places like Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church, and much more.


A hot spot students really enjoyed was New York City. Students saw many different attractions in New York like Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and a Driving Tour of NYC. New York City was a place where the students enjoyed the fun lights and sensation of the thrilling air. Students always had a smile on their face and enjoyed a nice time in NYC. 


At every historical site they visited, they had a short lecture about the site and the history behind the event. Such as learning the history behind the Vietnamese War, and why Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial is placed where it is today. They learned many things which furthered their education on American history. 


Something that most students on the trip said was that they got tired and annoyed by the third or fourth day. The days were constant go, go, go non stop. But in the later days of the trip students began to enjoy the trip with it being warmer and days being less full.


This school trip did come at a cost, and not only money, but the missing assignments these students had when they came back. Especially with the end of the quarter near, it’s hard on many students.


In conclusion, this trip is like no other. Most students at the end of the trip said they felt inspired. This is a great experience for students. It does come at many costs But with all the memories people made on this trip, it’s definitely worth all the hassle afterwards.


I advise students to have all work turned in before the trip so when you come back the workload is not that much to handle. This school event is something that will make 8th grade students remember their 8th grade year for the rest of their life. Also, to all young Broncos, if you like what you hear from this article, start saving up now so that you have something to look forward to.