Covid-19 Vaccines are Safe and Beneficial for Society

There have been differing opinions surrounding Covid-19 vaccines, but there isn’t a solid need to worry if you are concerned about a myth.



COVID-19 Vaccines

Kenneth Lee, Contributor

Covid-19 vaccines have been a controversial topic over the last year. It is a global debate on the issue of whether vaccines harm or help us. Along with many people around the world, I believe that Covid-19 vaccines are beneficial to us and our communities. Some students were all asked about their stance and opinion on the Covid-19 vaccines.

“I think everyone should get them because masks won’t do everything, so vaccines ensure everyone’s safety so it definitely can’t hurt to get one,” said Olivia Woo, a 7th grader at Beatty Middle School, who has gotten 2 vaccines.

“They’re good. It reduces the chance of you dying,” said Siwon Woo, an 8th grader at Beatty, who has also gotten 2 vaccines.

“It’s good. It prevents me from getting Covid,” said Ethan Nguyen, an 8th grader at Beatty, who has gotten all 3 vaccines.

These are the reasons that Covid-19 vaccines are good for us. They will keep us and the people around us safe. There are worries about Covid-19 vaccines, but most are merely myths. Some of these being, Covid-19 vaccines affect women’s fertility, there isn’t a need for the vaccine after already having Covid-19, it is not effective because it was rushed, and that the side effects are dangerous. These myths are not actually true. There are many people spreading false information which might have wrongly changed your opinion on the vaccines, so it is important to check these facts.

John Hopkins Medicine has answered these myths with true facts. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “The Covid-19 vaccine will not affect fertility. The truth is that the Covid-19 vaccine encourages the body to create copies of the spike protein found on the coronavirus’s surface. This ‘teaches’ the body’s immune system to fight the virus that has that specific spike protein on it.” They also stated that the “the level of immunity provided by the vaccines after having Covid-19 is higher than the level of immunity for those who had Covid but were not subsequently vaccinated.” And although the vaccine was made very quickly, there are numerous reasons for that. Some of them being that scientists had plenty of resources and that work on these vaccines had started much earlier than the initial outbreak. These vaccines are also extremely effective as “studies found that the two initial vaccines are both about 95% effective and reported no serious or life-threatening side effects.”

There is also a lot of worry about long term side effects of the vaccine, as many people are waiting to be sure. Even though this might seem like a legitimate reason to worry because it would require us to actually wait, there is very good reason to believe that long term side effects won’t exist. According to The University of Alabama at Birmingham, “Unlike many medications, which are taken daily, vaccines are generally one-and-done. Medicines you take every day can cause side effects that reveal themselves over time, including long-term problems as levels of the drug build up in the body over months and years… You wouldn’t expect any of these vaccines to have any long-term side effects. And in fact, this has never occurred with any vaccine.” This is obvious evidence that the probability of long term side effects are close to none and that you don’t have much to worry about.

In the end, the many concerns and myths surrounding Covid-19 vaccines have been disproven by scientists and studies. There isn’t a reason not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, as it will keep not only you safe, but those you meet as well. Get the Covid-19 vaccine for free as soon as possible to ensure that you are keeping yourself and everyone else safe. You can take the vaccine at places like Family Care Pharmacy, Wow Pharmacy, or CVS Pharmacy. Other location can be found by going onto google maps and searching for ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Locations’.