Things to Do Once You Get Into Highschool


Nathan Basilio

It’s almost the end of the year for us 8th graders, a year closer for us to have a future. It should be time for us to think about our high school life and what to do. Here are some things you should do once you get into high school.

First, you should try volunteering. Volunteering is a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to your community. It also benefits you, and you’ll feel good about yourself.

Volunteer opportunities may include tutoring younger students, participating in a fundraising event, or working at a hospital, youth center, nursing home, animal shelter or food bank.

You don’t have to volunteer every day or even every weekend. Pick something you are interested in and volunteer your time based on what fits your schedule.

Second, you should try once you get into high school is to get into extracurricular activities. By getting yourself into after school activities such as sports and clubs shows that you are willing to get involved into your community.

According to Claudette Christian states “Participating in extracurricular activities has positive effects on students’ success.

More than 80% of youth participate in extracurricular activities… Adolescents who participate in extracurricular activities demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement, greater character development, greater social development, and a greater sense of the importance of community involvement.

Third, something that you should try once you get into high school is meet new friends. By meeting new friends in a completely different environment from what you have been used to further improving your social skills.

According to “the handsindia” states “High school students with higher-quality best
friendships tended to improve in several aspects of
mental health over time, while teens who were popular
among their peers during high school may be more prone to
social anxiety later in life.”

One local high schooler I interviewed said “take risks by asking teacher for questions, make friends with your classmates, learn about the clubs you want to join, they’re super fun and you meet new people… burnout is real, so don’t feel bad about yourself when everyone is also relating to you”

What are your plans once you get into high school?