End of the Year 8th Grade Activities Coming Soon


Abigail Jung, Contributor

8th grade is slowly coming to an end. Meaning we will have a celebration for the promoting 8th graders. We will have a lot of fun with these activities our school staff has made for us.This is Beatty’s first on campus event and will be celebrated with our graduating 8th graders. 

 What to expect? 

8th graders will receive a pamphlet that you must sign in order to participate. It will have all the information about these events. 

There is a whole celebration of awesome on Wednesday, May 27. The purpose of this is to recognize all students who have been awesome. This is during school. Students must be at school at 8:30 am in order to attend the celebration. All school discipline must be served prior to Wednesday, May 11. 

We will have a promotion dance at hanger 21 at the Fullerton airport from 6-8 PM. There is a ticket fee and a dress code to attend this dance party. The dance will be on May 31 and in order to attend you must also attend school on Tuesday to go to this dance. Parents can pick up kids promptly at 8:00 PM at the hanger and will not be released without a parent. 

There is an 8th grade promotion ceremony on Wednesday, June 1st at 3:00 PM. It will be held at Buena Park Highschool Stadium (8833 Academy Drive, Buena Park). There is a dress code for this event and is suitable for “dress up” occasions. No prom type formals, no t-shirts, no jeans, and no spike heels! Dress to impress broncos!

 Lastly, we will have an 8th grade promotion party  on Thursday, June 2. The purpose of this celebration is to celebrate the promotion of our 8th graders to high school. This will be on the school field. 

How to participate in these activities? 

8th graders must. meet all BPSD promotion requirements to participate. You must have a 2.0 or greater cumulative GPA and meet RRR (respectful, responsible, and ready to learn) behavior requirements. You also have to meet all outstanding school obligations, i.e.:, fees, money owed for bounced checks (cash only), library debt, lost books, all detention served, and more. You must also follow all school rules while at school and while participating in the activities. 8th graders must also understand from now on to the end of the year, 8th grade students who violate school rules may be excluded from any or all of the 8th grade activities.

Just a few more months 8th graders. This is just the start. Next year we will be in high school and there will be more challenges to come. Congratulations to all 8th graders who are being promoted to high school.