What is the Spring Equinox


Aurora Delgado , Contributer

 The Spring Equinox which is called the Vernal Equinox happens every year on March 20. It marks the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. While the spring equinox is happening in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere the autumnal equinox is happening. Both equinoxes happen every year during March. In this article you’re going to see traditions, celebration, and crafts about the spring equinox.


Traditions & Celebrations 

India celebrates the Spring equinox during a festival called Holi. It celebrates many important Hindu legends signifying the triumph of Good over Evil. The celebration lasts two days and brings lot’s of joy to the country. “The festival first starts with the lighting of a massive bonfire the night before the Spring Equinox”. The next day, in the early morning colored powdered paints are joyfully thrown at each other with friends and family alike. The whole day is filled with laughter, excitement, dancing, and joy. It is now celebrated in many countries around the world. 


In Persian culture, the spring equinox falls on the Persian New Year called Norooz. It is a fun time filled with celebrations and rituals centered around a fresh start. The Norooz rituals begin about three weeks before the actual Equinox, beginning with a thorough cleaning of one’s home to filter out clutter and start the New Year with a clean space. “On one of the last few days of the year, specifically the last Wednesday evening of the year,  a celebratory tradition called Chaharshanbeh Soori(“Red Wednesday”) occurs”.  


Three ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox

One thing you can do is plant new life. The Vernal equinox is a great time to plant flowers and garden. Here are two links that show you how to make a fairy garden and plant sunflowers. Another thing you can do to celebrate the spring equinox is make a family feast with seasonal spring foods. Use foods that honor the coming of spring for example, eggs sprouts or local bread. You could also host a bonfire to honor the spring equinox. It is a great way to celebrate it and you can tell stories, dance, or sing. These are three ways you can celebrate the spring equinox. 



Here are some links to crafts you can do for the Spring Equinox. Flower art, handprint tree,  and decorate Easter eggs



The Spring Equinox is a great way to spend time with family and friends or do something outdoors. You can do crafts, make a bonfire, or join one of the traditions up above like go visit India and join in on the Holi festival. I hope you liked the article and learned something new Happy Spring Equinox!! 🙂