Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine Rise

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine continue, learn more about the conflict between the two countries.


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War 2022 in Ukraine

Amir Ragnath and Leo Lee

Russia’s Side of the Story

In the last months of 2021, more than 100,000 Russian troops were placed near the Russia-Ukraine border. The abrupt move by Russia caused conflicts to rise in Europe and other places around the world who are allies with the two countries.

The U.S, supporting Ukraine, sent about 3,000 soldiers to the Ukraine border to assist in case of an invasion. Russia’s president Vladmir Putin replied by sending even more troops to Luhansk and Donetsk, claiming that they were for ”peacekeeping” function purposes. 

On February 24, 2022, the United Nations Security Council, consisting of 15members from 15 countries, held a meeting to stop Russia from invading Ukraine. On the same day the meeting was held, Putin announced a full-scale land, sea, and air invasion targeting Ukraine’s military and cities. Explosions were heard all around the country, with civilians rushing to evacuate and find refuge. The few weeks of war have caused mass destruction across the country of Ukraine. To this day, on March 8, tens of thousands of people have died and 2 million people have fled Ukraine.

The two sides’ conflict dates way back to 2014. Viktor Yanukovych, former president of Ukraine, rejected the Ukraine-European Association Agreement.This would have brought Ukraine closer with the European Union. Furious, citizens started protesting with violence. Yanukovych was later removed from his office and fled the country. Russia, who supported Yanukovych, invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, a peninsula in the south of Ukraine.

Eight years later, Putin is planning to take control of even more Ukrainian land. Claiming to be helping people who wanted to be a part of Russia, soldiers and weapons were sent to the eastern Ukraine border. “I decided to conduct a special military operation. Its goal is the protection of people who, during the eight years, suffer from abuse and genocide from the Kyiv regime.” Putin stated. Using this as an excuse, Putin created fake stories of protecting Ukraine in hopes of holding Russia’s domination in the Eastern part of Europe.

The two sides are currently negotiating for peace, as Russia sees no sign of stopping their invasion throughout Ukraine.

Ukraines side of the War

About 2-3 weeks ago, Russia bombed Ukraines border. The Russian Federation and Ukraine are currently in a state of war: the Russo-Ukrainian War began in 2014 following the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine across a broad front. Ukraine. By the forces of air, land, and sea, Russia launched attacks on Ukraine that has forces that are bombing cities and closing the capital. These two countries have had conflicts for years, and Putin’s main goal was to take over the entire country. 

The war started after months of military buildup and brinkmanship on Russia’s border, as Ukraine’s 44 million residents woke up to an all out conflict. Fighting has caused nearly half a million people to flee neighborhoods in Kyiv. 

Ukraine being a cornerstone  of the Soviet Union was the beginning of the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. After the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO pushed eastward, bringing into the fold most of the Eastern European nations that had been in the Communist orbit. With this event, Putin now sees NATOS expansion as an existential threat.

Ukraines military is strong, but not as strong as Europe’s. As Putin rains attacks all across Ukraine to take over land, Ukraine may not be able to defend themselves for much longer. Many civilians have fled their homes and now even live in places such as subway stations.

Updates on War Ukraines side

Ukraine and Russia are begging to negotiate a peace deal with Russia. The 2 countries have yet to come to an agreement because Putin isn’t a person to talk of peace considering his motives in this war. It’s stated in that Putin may turn to low grade nuclear weapons before admitting defeat. The damage done total to Ukraine has added up to a total of 63 billion dollars as of March 24.