How To Achieve Good Grades

Sarah G. Barron

The end of the school year is just around the corner. For 8th graders, grades can be very important to them. To graduate, a 2.0 or higher GPA is required. If you are struggling with your grades and you don’t know how to get them up, here are some tips to help you end the school year on a good note.


  1. Have a Routine 

A routine is very important with grades. Doing this can help you get your homework done on time, and still have time for fun activities outside of school. You can be less stressed about having to turn in assignments last minute. Set a routine that will fit your schedule and work for you.

For example, when you get home from school, have a snack if you’re hungry, work on homework/study for an hour or two, then you have the rest of the day to have a life outside of school. 


  1. Stay organized 

Keep everything in place. Have different color folders for each class, and a binder to place them. Organization will help you in school. Being neat will make everything easier. Clean out your backpack if you don’t need what’s in there. Like old graded assignments from last quarter. Have what is necessary. Don’t have extra papers and notebooks to confuse what you actually need.


  1. Ask for help

This is important. Ask for help if you don’t understand something. You’re not stupid if you don’t understand something. It’s most likely that the people around you don’t understand the subject either. Your teachers will always help you. It’s okay if you don’t understand something right away. Just ask for help. 


There are many things you can do to help your grades. Staying organized, asking for help, and having a routine are some great tips. Do you do any of these? How can you use them in your everyday life?