Beatty Broncos Spring Dance


Naraly De Avila, Contributor

ASB has started to organize a Spring Dance. They weren’t sure if it was going to be possible due to covid cases rising. Since covid cases aren’t that bad now, they have decided to go through with planning it. This event is going to be on April 1st from 3:30 to 5:00. It will be an after school event, which we haven’t had since the movie night in December.


Tickets will start selling Monday, March 14,15,16,17, 28, 29. The tickets will be sold during lunch in room H3 for five dollars. You can only purchase tickets if you show a signed permission slip.The tickets will be passed out to third period classes the day of the dance. Students will not be able to leave the dance until it ends. Students may only leave earlier if their parents come and allow them to leave. Phones will be allowed since it’s an after school event. 


The food that will be at the dance is nachos. The nachos will be sold at the dance for three dollars. The nachos will consist of tortilla chips and nacho cheese with the choice of salsa, and jalapeños for toppings. There will be no food allowed inside the auditorium so all food must be eaten outside. There will also be snacks, things such as chips, cookies, and drinks. 



The theme for the dance will be Under The Sea. There will also be a photo booth which will be there for students to take pictures. They will also have a dj. For decoration we are planning to make things like starfish, seaweed, and other things that go with the theme. 

ASB is excited to be able to do this event and we hope that everyone comes and has a fun time!