Ways to Cope With Stress


Naraly De Avila, Contributor

National Stress Awareness Month is in April. Stress is something that is ubiquitous. More than 78% of Americans deal with stress everyday. There are three types of stress. Acute stress, Episodic acute stress, and Chronic stress are the three types of stress. Stress is a hard thing to deal with because of all the tension you feel. Here are five ways to deal with stress. The stress won’t go away but it can help calm down your stress. 


  • Manage Your Time- Managing time can help you worry less about all the things that you have to do. This can help you not feel overwhelmed with all of your everyday activities. 
  • Set aside time for yourself- Setting time for yourself can help you relax because you are putting yourself and your needs first. You should also do this because it’s important for your health. Also so that you feel good.
  • Get more sleep- Getting sleep is very important. If you don’t get enough sleep it can be a trigger to many different conditions. 
  • Eating well- Balanced meals are important because it’s good for your body and health. Eating well can also get you in a better mood. It’s important to eat food like grain, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Talk to someoneTalking to someone like a counselor, friend, or family   members can help a lot. Talking about your stress can help with the stress                 you are dealing with.