Do You Know Lent

Do You Know Lent

Julia Estrella

The time of lent is when Catholics give up a certain something to honor Jesus and his sacrifices. People also give up meat on Friday and only have fish or non-meat products. However, how was lent created, and how did evolve to what it is today?

Background Information

Lent can be traced back to the 325 common era. Lent is  time period to sacrifice something that you like to do or getting in the habit of doing during this time, it is something that is most practiced by Catholics. Lent became an official practice in 325 ce the Council of Nicea. This practice lasts for 40 days from the first Wednesday of March, to the third week of April. This is in honor of Jesus who starved in the desert for 40 days without food or water.

 It is said that after being baptized in the river by John the Baptist, Jesus headed into the desert to tell others his preaching. During that time Jesus was tempted by the devil to turn stones to bread, however refused. The second time the devil tempted him to throw himself off the cliff, knowing that Angels would catch him, he again refused. After hearing this story, people decided to give up something in order to make a sacrifice for Jesus’ suffering and refusal against the temptations of the devil. 

Catholics, also give up on Friday or also called Good Friday because meat is celebratory food and Friday is a remembrance day that Jesus died on the cross, making meat off limits during the time of lent.  People go to church because of…… lent lasts until April, on Easter.  

Evolution of lent

As before we know how lent started and what it is now however, how did lent evolve to what it is now and what did it look like when it was first created. When lent is about to begin on the first day of lent is always on a Wednesday, called Ash Wednesday. When lent was first created people would fast for 40 days during the duration of lent, 

Lent today is where people give up something that is important to them or commit to doing something. This might include give up eating something, getting rid of a habit, working out, etc.