8th graders!! Are you ready?


Photo by George Pak from Pexels

Genesis Quiette, Contributor

Eighth graders the end of the year is near. It is now time to prepare for high school. When getting ready for high school it could be stressful and confusing. As many adults say, highschool is one of the best four years of your life. Experiencing a new environment with new people and new expectations but also maintaining your grades, schoolwork, social life, and extracurricular activities, could be hard.  So here are some ways that will help you prepare for high school. 

  1. Schoolwork

Get your work down. In middle school the workload is not that bad. But in high school it gets worse. But it could feel as easy as middle school if you get your work done. “If you get your work done  and stay out of trouble in highschool it will serve as an easy environment for you.” Gabriel Quiette. A student of the class of 2022, for Mater dei Highschool.

  1. Friends 

Highschool is so much more enjoyable when you have groups of friends to hang out with. Having a couple of close highschool friends will make your highschool years less stressful. Joining clubs and outside of school activities is key in highschool. Not having problems everyone will also get you more opportunities.

  1.  Living life 

Going out in highschool, wanting to go to parties and hanging out with your friends is important, to build a social life and presence is also important. At the end of the day it’s your decision whether or not you want to go out but always remember to be responsible. That people are always watching and you can get in lots of trouble if you’re caught with or doing anything. Always think about the consequences before you do something.

  1. Getting in trouble

Students in middle school get in trouble more than highschool students because when you’re in highschool there’s more on the line. Having a class clown is funny but having students that get in trouble all the time and disrespects teachers in highschool is not. Just keep that in mind 8th graders

  1. Everyone is scared

Your 8th grade peers are scared of going to high school as much as anyone else. Going into a new environment may be scary, overwhelming, annoying, amd frustrating. But remembering that you’re learning and growing in this environment will serve you well. You can make mistakes in highschool because as soon as you go to the real world one mistake and it’s all over.

Take risks in Highschool but be careful. These years will be the best years of your life, if you do the right thing. Good luck 8th Graders!!